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SurveyKing is the premier survey creator on the web. We offer solutions for individuals, businesses, and students. From Likert scale, Net Promoter Score, to Segmentation Reports, we offer the best data analytical tools, helping you make better decisions.

Built for Everyone

Are you a student looking to collect data for a project? Perhaps you run a business and want to simplify gathering customer satisfaction stats? Whether you're conducting market research or opinion polls, our free survey templates have what you need.

With our statistical tools, you can accurately analyze your survey results at the click of a button. Our sample size and margin of error calculators make determining the accuracy of your feedback a breeze.

Skip Logic & Piping

SurveyKing’s intelligent survey creator utilizes skip logic to determine which questions are relevant to your users. This allows each survey experience to change based on your user's responses, getting accurate results by asking tailored questions.

Our Piping moves your respondents answers forward, adding relevant questions based on prior answers. Customizing the questionnaire experience for each person will garner more useful feedback for your business or academic project.

Unlimited Email Campaigns

SurveyKing allows you to customize unlimited email campaigns. Send your surveys to clients, employees, and anyone you want with little effort. Create email lists of current or past clients and gain valuable feedback from an unlimited pool of respondents.

Our survey builder allows you to customize email campaigns with variables to segment results based on purchase info, employee data, or any relevant criteria. Each campaign allows you to change the rules and expand your email reach as needed. This flexibility lets you adjust your model as you go.

Export and Analyze Data

SurveyKing’s data exports enable you analyze data in several convenient forms, such as spreadsheets or PDF.

All data export and analyzation tools are available when you need them. You can segment reports, cross-tabulate and filter your results. Spot hidden trends through our convenient and detailed data charts. No other survey creator offers so many powerful and user-friendly tools to interpret your data.

SurveyKing offers full-service support. If you ever have questions about data collected or our survey creator platform, our professional team can walk you through the process quickly and easily.

Professionally Made Templates

Anyone who has ever needed to send out a survey knows that the process can be time-consuming, complicated and less-than-satisfying. At SurveyKing, our professional survey designers have built customizable free survey templates made for simplicity and functionality. Modify your survey template quickly with customizable settings, tools, and responsive layouts.

Even for the busy student or business, SurveyKing offers the best solutions. Our free survey templates are professionally designed to elicit accurate results. You can collect feedback from customers or employees with only a few clicks of your mouse. We offer pre-made free survey templates for product evaluation, marketing research and more. The survey creator allows you to edit templates quickly and start collecting your data immediately. You can use general Likert Scale selections, or more sophisticated analytical approaches with Skip Logic.

Responsive Layouts

Surveys designed to work on mobile devices, tablets and desktop computers. Have confidence your users will have a great experience, regardless of the device used.

Upload Images

A picture really can be worth a thousand words. Add images directly to questions or add a logo and give your users a custom feel.

Over 15 Question Types

From standard multiple choice, open text, Net Promoter Score, likert scale, or Max Diff, we have you covered. Each type is designed to help you gain valuable insights for market research, school projects, or corporate feedback.

What's Your Net Promoter Score?

Every business needs to know if their customers are happy with their products or services. At SurveyKing, we aim to take the guesswork out of customer relations. We can help you collect valuable client responses and analyze them to understand how your business is performing and how to improve.

A customer may like your product and be satisfied with its performance or price without recommending it to friends. What many entrepreneurs fail to consider is that multiple factors can influence if customers return or suggest your products to other people. The best kind of advertising is done for you, by loyal clients. It's proven that prospective customers trust real recommendations over advertisements. In today's digital world, customer feedback can have an immediate global effect for the good or detriment of your company.

But, how can you determine if customers will spread the word about your business? How can you target active influencers to help grow your brand online?

The solution is to employ the Net Promoter Score system to determine your product, service or brand's customer loyalty. Using our free email campaign function will allow you to target past or current clients. By including a future discount offer or coupon, your response and open rates will skyrocket.

The score you’re given will tell you in one easy to understand number whether customers are hurting your company with negative feedback or helping it with positive reviews. SurveyKing even offers a simple free survey template for anyone looking to determine their Net Promoter Score. We also offer relatable data with average net promoter score information to measure your performance against the market expectation.

Once you've determined your Net Promoter Score, you can use our additional feedback collection to pinpoint problem areas or find ways to improve your word of mouth advertisement. With our innovative survey creator, data sets can be seen together or individually, allowing you to collect more accurate results overall.

For customers who scored as detractors, sending a follow-up survey or response email to delve deeper into their dissatisfaction gives you a chance to find out what would improve their experience, all while giving them a chance to voice their concerns. You may even wind up collecting valuable feedback, turning detractors into promoters.

Furthermore, connecting with those customers who scored as promoters can help garner global support for your company or product. A large number of people today use social media in their daily lives, and most of them talk about products they like or dislike openly. Offering further discounts, exclusive club deals or other incentives can turn casual promoters into brand ambassadors with very little investment.

Taking advantage of the Net Promoter Score question can provide valuable feedback for any business. Whether you are a startup looking to pinpoint your target market or a seasoned entrepreneur, the information you gather can prove invaluable.

Become a Market Research Pro

In the competitive global business world of today, marketing is increasingly important for all business models. Collecting and analyzing consumer data is imperative to success. At SurveyKing, we know not all companies can employ expensive marketing teams. However, working on a budget no longer means coming into product development or advertising meetings unprepared or with less-than-ideal results.

Our free survey templates and intuitive survey creator allow anyone to capitalize on accurate market research. Our experts have done the work for you and can help develop your feedback campaign to garner optimal results.

Just like professional market research teams, you will be able to conduct professional surveys with trusted results through SurveyKing. Thanks to our data analytics and accuracy tools you can trust all your survey results. Not so sure? Check out our margin of error calculator and standard deviation calculator to see how we ensure your results are useful and accurate.

The ability to share your surveys via email or on your website with unlimited clients removes the limits to data collection. You can collect feedback in the most convenient and budget-friendly manner while staying current with market research trends.

Statistical Tools You Can Count On

SurveyKing offers a diverse collection of analytical tools to help you analyze and understand your data. No need to import your feedback results to a separate analytical tool or leave the SurveyKing platform - and best of all, of our analytical tools are 100% free.

The standard deviation calculator allows you to determine how far from the average your data reaches. SurveyKing employs the standard deviation values on single text box responses with number, percent or dollar values and continuous sum questions. The standard deviation calculation includes a graph, allowing you to view and compare your results with ease.

The net promoter score calculator is useful for businesses to determine their customer loyalty. This simple one-question analytics provides insight into your customer satisfaction, online review activity, and word of mouth expectations.

The Likert scale is a useful and often employed marketing research tool which can provide valuable data if used correctly. SurveyKing has compiled a helpful how-to and interactive example to help you get the most out of our survey creator experience. Likert scale results are displayed in an easy graph form which makes analysis straightforward and quick. While the Likert scale has been in use since 1932, it is widely accepted as an accurate way to gauge opinions from a group.

Our margin of error calculator is a valuable tool for checking the accuracy of your results. Since no business or student can get responses from their entire target demographic, understanding how your sample size compares with the population is important. With our convenient and straightforward margin of error calculator, you can ensure you have a reliable data set. Users who upgrade to the premium package can get expert help with the margin of error calculator to provide even more accurate results.

At SurveyKing, we want you to understand how your data is collected, analyzed and arranged from your free survey templates. That’s why we offer comprehensive explanations and examples for each tool. You can rest assured that the data you collect will make sense, expertly arranged to simplify your market research analytics needs.

What are you waiting for? SurveyKing is the fastest way to create successful survey campaigns that get real results. Use our survey creator to compile unlimited questions and distribute via email campaign to as many customers or individuals as you like.

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